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Watching the Glacier Disappear

The glaciers are disappearing and with them the natural and cultural landscape of Switzerland. In 2024, the exhibition "Watch the Glacier Disappear” addresses concerns about this change. It relies on the power of art to name and visualize the transformation. From Geneva to Graubünden and from Valais to Zurich, numerous museums and cultural institutions are supporting the event. As the ice melts and horizons dissolve, artists create their works, even right into the heart of the glaciers.

From May 16 to September 8, 2024, the Glacier Garden will be showing two art installations as part of this overall project:

Melting Gallery

An immersive sound installation by Polish artist Diana Lelonek and German sound and media artist Denim Szram.

The Sandstone Pavilion of the Glacier Garden mutates into an individually experienced place of reflection for visitors and offers an acoustic excursion to three melting glaciers in the Swiss Alps.

Like a countdown, the sounds refer to irreversible and incessant processes and form a requiem for the disappearing glaciers.

Concept/recording: Diana Lelonek
Composition : Denim Szram


Solarstalgia is a fusion of the two words "solar" and "solastalgia", with the latter describing the emotional pain that people must experience directly when their own habitat is destroyed.

Diana Lelonek drew her artistic inspiration for this project from the huge fabrics that cover the tip of the Rhone glacier to protect it from global warming.

But it is an illusion: the melting of the glacier cannot be stopped with fabric tarpaulins. To make matters worse, theses only pollute the environment even more, contaminating with fragments of polyester fibers the glacier and thus the water in the source area of the Rhone.

Using the two photographic techniques "Solarotype" and "Cyanotype", the artist literally captures the movement of the sun and its radiation on the recycled fabric tarpaulins, creating an impressive installation.

Idea/concept/realization: Diana Lelonek