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After an eventful visit to the glacial pots, the mirror labyrinth and the museum, you will find peace, relaxation and enjoyment in the new Bistro Salwideli.

In the historical ambience we create for you an experience involving all the senses and a connection between city & country, plants & fossils and food & drink. The Bistro Salwideli was newly built in 2020 and integrated into the overall architectural concept of the 150-year-old, listed "Swiss House". There was already a restaurant, at the same location, between 1874 and around 1896.


In the museum shop you will find souvenirs of the Glacier Garden to take home, such as mountain crystals, postcards, skincare products and edible souvenirs.



At Bistro Salwideli, after an eventful journey through millions of years, you can take a moment to relax and enjoy a good coffee, a refreshing cold drink or a fine snack.

We live sustainability in all facets: We use sustainable materials and pay attention to short procurement routes. Most products come from the canton of Lucerne, and we use seasonal ingredients.






Best Hot Dog
in Town

It's quick to prepare, easy to eat by hand, (mostly) sticky-free and popular amongst young and old as a snack between meals: The Hot Dog.

With its unique presentation, it is part of the Bistro Salwideli DNA and an important part of our food offer. The ingredients and origin of our Glacier Garden Hot Dogs are anything but mere sausage to us: the bread comes from the bakery of Heini Conditorei, the sausage was created by the Doggwiler butchery and smoked with beech wood. The wonderful spicy ketchup was developed by the team around Patrick Odermatt from the Café sowieso. All the Hot Dog's main ingredients thus come from producers in our neighborhood. More regionality is not possible. And that is important to us.




YOUR Event

The Bistro and other Glacier Garden premises serve as a unique location for your private event. With us, you will take a journey through millions of years, discover witnesses and wonders of geological eras, arrive amazed at the present and look into the distant future.