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The Sandstone Pavilion

The angular pavilion is not an actual building, but an upturned rock. Half of the concrete building shell is made of sandstone from the Glacier Garden.

Completely in the spirit of the circular economy, the excavated material from the Felsenwelt was used for this purpose.

Glacier Garden Film in the projection room

A journey trough times and spaces


Visitors can also sit and admire while touring the pavilion: a 13-minute film explains the Glacier Garden and highlights the climate, earth, and tourism history of Central Switzerland.

The film starts every 20 minutes. The projection room offers space for about 20 people.

in the exhibition room

Special exhibition arktis


The special exhibition ARKTIS conveys various impressions of the spectacular "MOSAiC Expedition Arctic" with captivating images and objects. This international expedition studied the impressive effects of climate change in inhospitable environments in 2019/20.

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