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Through the "geologically" designed entrance portal you will dive into the new underground geological hall. Your journey through space and time takes you right into the middle of a petrified seashore, whose eldest components are as old as 1 billion years.

Each space marks its own epoch. They differ in haptics, lighting, projection and sound. A staircase and an elevator at the end of the rock gallery lead up to the Sommerau with a view of the Alps


No sooner have you arrived in the first rock gallery, the stone begins to tell you about its history and reveal its secrets - from the formation of the Lucerne sandstone on the seashore, to its unfolding into the Alpine mountains and its shaping during the Ice Age. Supported by haptics, lighting and sound, you become part of the earth's history. The elaborately designed particle animations projected onto the rock structures transport you into mysterious spheres.

back to
the future

The adventure path in the mountain leads from the bedrock lake up through the garden courtyard to the Sommerau. You will discover which fossils will remain from our time. And by means of a cosmophone you may leave a message that will outlast your own existence on earth.

Back at sunlight, a view over Lucerne extends all the way to the Alps. The idyllic piece of land of the Sommerau completes the historic park of the Glacier Garden. 

Sommerau &

From the platform "Alpenblick" you can enjoy a view over the city of Lucerne with the mountains in the background. A time machine converted into a telescope takes you back to the subtropical primordial sea, to the time of the folding of the Alps and the Ice Ages, and finally to the distant future without mountains.