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Your excursion destination in Lucerne

At the Glacier Garden we warmly welcome families!

In the middle of the city of Lucerne, the Glacier Garden is a unique destination for your next family excursion. A beautiful place where you can combine outdoor experiences, history of the earth and entertainment with the whole family.

The multifaceted "Journey to the Center of Time" takes you from ice-age glacial potholes through the mystical adventure trail of the new Felsenwelt up to the lookout tower with a view of the Alps. In the enchanting museum with its fascinating cabinets of curiosities, you will feel the spirit of the founding family Amrein-Troller, who established the Glacier Garden 150 years ago.

Families win

Family Tickets

Adults with children benefit from generous conditions: One or two parents/grandparents with up to a maximum of 5 children up to < 16 years of age can benefit from the Generation Tickets.

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Fun and reflection for young + old

Mirror Maze

An illusory attraction for the whole family. Children and adults will be thrilled by endless corridors, fountains, and lions. Playing with mirrors creates a unique experience that encourages reflection of our perception of space and time.

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The new main attraction


Felsenwelt is an exciting adventure destination for the whole family. Through the spectacularly designed entrance portal, you enter a fascinating underground world of rocks and embark on an exciting journey through space and time.

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In the Sandstone Pavilion


Big and small visitors can also sit and marvel during their tour of the Glacier Garden: a 13-minute film explains the Glacier Garden and highlights the climate, earth, and tourism history of Central Switzerland.

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The perfect snack

Family hot dog

It's simply part of a Glacier Garden visit: The popular Glacier Garden hot dog with ingredients from the region. A special offer - together with a liter of homemade iced tea - is made especially for families.

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For self-catering

Picnic places

You can enjoy your self-brought picnic either on top of the Sommerau or on the terrace of the Swiss Chalet (accessible from the museum).

For the curious


Numerous curious objects such as a mammoth tooth, a cave bear skeleton, countless minerals and even an ice crystal machine can be discovered in the museum of the Swiss Chalet.

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Souvenirs to take home


In the museum shop you will find souvenirs such as crystals, postcards, plush mammoths, skincare products and edible souvenirs to take home as a piece of the Glacier Garden.

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