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Melting Gallery

An immersive sound installation by Polish artist Diana Lelonek and German sound and media artist Denim Szram.


An artistic installation on large-format fabrics that covered the tip of the Rhône glacier. By Diana Lelonek.

The two installations "Melting Gallery" and "Solarstalgia" are part of the Swiss-wide art project "Watching the Glacier Disappear".

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The new felsenwelt

The century construction is complete and open to Glacier Garden visitors.

As soon as you enter the imposing entrance portal, the rock begins to tell its story and reveal its secrets - from the formation of the Lucerne sandstone on the seashore, to its unfolding into the Alpine mountains, to its modeling by the glaciers of the Ice Age and into the future.

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Bucket List Tour

As an enrichment and support for individual visitors of the Glacier Garden, the Bucket List Tour is now available as an Audioguide.

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With the opening of the Sandstone Pavilion the renovation of the Glacier Garden is finished. The angular pavilion is not a building, but an overturned boulder partially constructed with sandstone from the Glacier Garden.

In this Sandstone Pavilion, a 13-minute film explains the Glacier Garden and shows the climate, geology and tourism history of Central Switzerland.

The exhibition room offers space for temporary special exhibitions.

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newly designed, the Sommerau

The winding passage through the Lucerne sandstone inside the earth leads up to the Sommerau. Back in daylight, visitors can enjoy a view over Lucerne all the way to the Alps. The idyllic piece of land of the Sommerau extends the historic park of the Glacier Garden.

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More Glacier garden highlights

Glacial pots

20,000 years ago, Lucerne lay under an 800 m thick layer of ice. When the Reuss glacier melted, these 16 glacial pots were formed. Their discovery led to the founding of the Glacier Garden in 1873.

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Swiss house

The museum is in the former home of the founding family Amrein. It shows the diverse and sometimes whimsical heritage of the family - with mountain reliefs, geological and domestic objects.

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mirror maze

More than 50 mirrors depict the historic Alhambra of Granada in southern Spain. The labyrinth was built in 1896 for the National Exhibition in Geneva and came to Lucerne in 1899.

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Alpine park

The Park of the Glacier Garden with its alpine world was created in a former quarry in the middle of the city. A mule track leads through rocks and flora to ponds, huts, and views.

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Sandstone Pavilion

The Pavilion with a small cinema is being built from the excavated sandstone of the Felsenwelt. In 2022, temporary exhibitions will be shown here.

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Bistro & Shop

The Bistro offers drinks and snacks selected according to regional and seasonal criteria. A carefully selected assortment of souvenirs is available in the store.

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