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Building permit procedure successfully completed

On the basis of a preliminary project, the Foundation initiated the building permit procedure with the City of Lucerne on April 30, 2015. The plans for the building procedures were by the noted Basel firm of architects Miller+Maranta. The Glacier Garden is a national natural monument and the old Swiss House is under monument protection. The preparatory investigations and feasibility studies carried out in advance by the Glacier Garden in consultation with the city, canton and federal government were correspondingly prudent.

The Glacier Garden has had a definitive building permit since 2016.

List of preliminary feasibility studies

August 2013 Project Rock preliminary investigation City and cantonal permit authorities (rawi)
February 2013
Project Rock preliminary project

Miller + Maranta, Basel,
Rock engineering:
Gruner AG, Basel

October 2012

Assessment reports by the Federal Commission for the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage and the Federal Commission for Monument Protection  
June 2012


Assessment report on the preservation of garden monuments

Dr. Johannes Stoffler, Zurich

January 2012

Rock feasibility study Rothpletz & Lienhard, Aarau
April 2011 Geological assessment report Geotest AG, Horw
June 2010


Feasibility study on the renovation and expansion of the Glacier Garden Lucerne

Büro für Bauökonomie, Lucerne


2021 Opening

A period of construction of approximately 3 years is expected until the opening in 2021. The Glacier Garden will remain open during the construction work, with certain temporary restrictions.

The phases

(as of August 2018)

2014/15 Fund-raising
2015 Financing assurances, building application
2016 Building permit and further financing
2016/2017 Project development and further financing
2018 Start of construction
2021 Opening


advanced financing

The volume of investment for the project Rock amounts to 20 million francs. Private circles and foundations have already promised more than 12 million. The City of Lucerne is contributing 3 million francs. Another 3 million will flow in from the lottery fund of the canton of Lucerne. A wide-reaching collection drive was started in the spring of 2015. In September 2018, the financing goal is still short by 1.5 million. You can also help to ensure the success of the project. Thank you so much!



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