this is what
the future
looks like at the
glacier garden

The Glacier Garden is planning for and building its future. The aim is to remain an attractive place for discovery and the museum is therefore investing 20 million francs in new attractions and the renovation of the museum and parking area.

Work on drilling the rock, where an adventure tour will be created, has already begun. In addition, the park will be enlarged by one third.

The project will be completed by 2021. As of September 2018, financing of 1.5 million francs is still required. The Glacier Garden will remain open during the entire building period.

the new highlights:

Nr. 1

the new
adventure trail through
the rock

This expedition takes the guest into the mountain. There, the rock begins to tell its story and reveal its secrets – from the formation of Lucerne sandstone on the seashore to its uplifting into a rock mass and then its shaping during the Ice Ages.

Nr. 2

with a view
over lucerne
into the alps

The adventure trail in the rock ends high above Sommerau. Back in the light, visitors have a view over Lucerne as far as the Alps. This idyllic piece of land in Sommerau enlarges the Glacier Garden's historic park.

Nr. 3

swiss house
as it once

The museum extensions of earlier times will be removed and the historic house will regain its original form. On the ground floor, future visitors will find a welcoming bistro. Next to the house there will be a newer, larger main plaza integrated into the park. The Glacier Garden's further attractions will be accessible from the plaza.

Nr. 4

new building
for special

Set apart from the Swiss House, there will be a striking new building with space for a new multimedia show and special exhibitions. These rooms can also be used for events.

Nr. 5

mirror maze
will be

The maze has enthralled visitors since 1899. It will be optimised in terms of energy technology and will be given a new, central role in the museum's dramaturgic content.

your support will leave traces in the rock and in the glacier garden 


Numerous private individuals are already enthusiastic about the project and have supported it financially. In addition, generous donations from foundations and the public sector have been received. However, for the beginning of construction in September 2018, the Glacier Garden Foundation still needs 1.5 million francs in order to reach the goal of 20 million francs. Help fill this gap with your contribution!

we’ve almost reached our goal

status of the financing of chf 20 million in summer 2018

donation barometer

19,6 mio / 20 mio

making good headway as a non-profit organisation


The Glacier Garden is among the most visited museums in Switzerland. Two-thirds of the visitors come from Switzerland and one third have travelled from over 130 countries. The Glacier Garden is especially appreciated by visitors from Europe and Asia. This success with the public contributes significantly to a self-financing level of over 95 percent. Thanks to the project Rock, this should remain the case. The Glacier Garden is run by a non-profit organisation. The team is made up of 21 employees, who are supported by temporary assistants and guides.

"Those responsible at the Glacier Garden have developed a wonderful vision, which deserves to be put into place."

Member of the Upper Chamber
Canton of Lucerne


"Whoever visits the Glacier Garden travels to the subtropical seashore of Lucerne and can fly to the end of the universe. Even a souvenir picture in front of a glacier that no longer exists is possible. Who wouldn't want to go there?"

Architect, Zurich
Building Commission President
Project Rock

"No museum should rest on its previous success. With the project of the century, 'Rock', the attraction of the Glacier Garden will be enhanced. Congratulations to Lucerners on this successful project!"

Member of the National Council and Geologist

we thank our project partners for their generous support


The financing of the project Rock is off to a good start: financial contributions from the following institutions, organisations, private individuals, and public administrations have already totalled 18.5 million francs. Many thanks. Would you also like to make a contribution? There are various possibilities.




Here you find sponsorship and the many people who support the project Rock as patron members.

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