observe the
of the glacier

The diorama, built in 1896, is an example of a virtual reality experience which was set up for tourists in the city. From a reconstructed log cabin, the gaze falls on a model of the Gorner Glacier near Zermatt VS and on a painting of the Breithorn. Dioramas gave visitors the illusion of standing in the middle of a landscape. This diorama was built by Xaver Imfeld, the most talented alpine topographer of the 19th century.

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the legacy
of the
ice age

The glacier potholes and boulders, as well as the fossilised seashells and palm fronds, lead directly into the prehistory of Lucerne's foothill landscape.

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the alpine
of wonders

Where the founder of the Glacier Garden once lived, you will now find fascinating historical testimony about the prehistory of the Alps, as well as information on measuring them and their formation.

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who can
find their
way out of
the maze?

The exotic Mirror Maze dates from the end of the 1800s and is an attraction from the early days of tourism that remains as fascinating as it is bewildering.

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